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Facebook Store (M1)


Now, putting in place your social shopping via Facebook is surprisingly easy! Import your online Magento shop to Facebook with our Magento Facebook Store Extension and show your products and services on that. Draw the attention of lots of Facebook users online and begin enhancing your business conversions and sales in no time.

Stability: This is the first stable release of extension.

Supported releases: This extension is tested and working great on Magento Community Edition 1.7.x, 1.8.x, and 1.9.2.X successfully.

Support Information: For any help related to this extension email us at

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Main Features List

For Admin

  1. Admin will Enable/Disable Facebook Store using Magento config.
  2. Admin will be marketing own products via share and like feature.
  3. Designs every page using Internal CSS in Magento config.
  4. Show any kind of banners on the home page as in Magento config.
  5. Show any category of products in Facebook Store Homepage.
  6. Enable/Disable Banners from Magento config. 
  7. Easy to update categories and product information at the same time in Magento store and Facebook.

For Customer

  1. Displays products on the home page.
  2. Displays several varieties of categories and products.
  3. Optimized for 100% performance and speed.
  4. Displays the products in Grid view.
  5. On Click buy button customer is going to be redirected to your store in a specific product.
  6. Displays every product updates on users' walls instantly.
  7. The user can search the particular product.
  8. Show connected merchandise on the merchandise detail page.
  9. User Like and share the precise product with their friends.
  10. User additionally shares the product on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  11. Each Users area unit ready to comments on the specific product.
  12. User area unit ready to filter comments like Oldest to Newest.
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