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Multi Page Responsive Slider

What is Multipage Responsive Slider ?

Multipage Responsive Slider is an app that will provide you with the functionality to display multiple responsive image sliders on single page of your website. The sliders provide a customizable feature where you can add your own text to the slides. These Sliders highlight your products and help you achieve better sales.

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Multi Page Responsive Slider

A Slider is a series of pictures shown in one section of the page which resemble a digital photo album. We have often come across these sliders on corporate websites where diversified information is placed within sliders and the users instead of looking at the different pages of a website , can easily and quickly access the main information: explanation of the company, the services they offer, pictures of the products etc on the same page . Hence websites use slider to save time, keep user focused and as a persuasive tool to communicate quickly. This tool allows users to access information quickly, without the need to scroll up/down using the mouse. Furthermore, the tool is easy to use, very pleasant and popular way to view images.

How does it work?

  • The designer provides you with buttons, numbers or thumbnails.
  • The thumbnails allow you to know where you are in the slider and choose which picture you would like to view.
  • Numbers have nearly the same functionality as the thumbnails and They show the number of slides in the slider./li>
  • Buttons allow you to go from a slide to another one by clicking on the right or left arrows.
  • Slider is displayed in a vertical or horizontal way.
  • The transition speed is controlled based on type of content – images or text.

Interesting Features

  1. You can add different sliders to different web pages.
  2. You can add multiple sliders to single web page.
  3. Sliders come with various designs . Choose the one that best suits your business needs.
  4. Smooth UI to configure categories and items.
  5. Create Responsive Sliders that keep users occupied.
  6. You can create customized design for each slider within a multislider page.
  7. The app automatically generates a shortcode which you can paste on any page of your website where you want to display the slider.

Demo Detail

See a live examples: