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  1. WhatsApp Connect (M1)
    WhatsApp Connect (M1)

    Zestard’s WhatsApp Connect for Magento 1, helps store own...

  2. Multi Option Christmas Snowflake (M1)
    Multi Option Christmas Snowflake (M1)

    Zestard's Multioption Christmas Snowflake Theme extens...

  3. Ticket Management (M1)
    Ticket Management (M1)

    Zestard's Ticket Management System provide ticket system fe...

  4. Product Updates (M1)
    Product Updates (M1)

    Keeping your customers aligned with updates is a real probl...

  5. Category Import Export (M1)
    Category Import Export (M1)

    Zestard's category import export extension for Magento cate...

  6. Custom Fee (M1)
    Custom Fee (M1)

    Zestard's custom fee extension for Magento allows sto...

  7. Facebook Store (M1)
    Facebook Store (M1)

    Now, putting in place your social shopping via Facebook is ...

  8. Deals (M1)
    Deals (M1)

    The Daily Deal extension allows the administrator to create...

  9. Product Delivery Information (M1)
    Product Delivery Information (M1)

    Improve customers’ facility to specify preferred delivery...

  10. Product 360° View (M1)
    Product 360° View (M1)

    As the name itself suggests, Zestard’s “Product 360° V...

  11. Shop by Brand (M1)
    Shop By Branded Products (M1)

    Zestard’s “Shop by Brand” extension can be used for v...

  12. Filter Per Category (M1)
    Filter Per Category (M1)
    Zestard's Filter Per Category M1 extension is completely dedic...

Items 1-12 of 22

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